Girish Rao
Girish Rao

My name is Girish Rao, and this is my personal blog.

I am an Engineering Manager at Oracle and I have 12 years of experience in Software Development and Automation. I also have a Masters degree in Computer Science from USC (Trojans FTW!). I am passionate about solving complex engineering problems by utilizing my analytical and algorithm design skills. I am broadly interested in cloud computing, machine learning, algorithms, security and web development and automation.

I am very comfortable in Java, Javascript and Python. I loved using swift, C, C++ for some of my academic projects.

I am a huge fan of iterative development methodologies like Agile. When the end goal is unclear, I start by establishing bounds and/or expected best / worst - case scenarios. By doing so, I get better clarity on the problem and its constraints. On a side note, I enjoy figuring out what existing code does, debugging issues and trying to break the software.